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Second Mortgage Can Help.

People May not know how to withdrawn funds from their home equity to solve their life events.

That’s why we started If you don’t know how, let us give you an easy way to achieve your goals, with the capital you need to move forward with any of your life events.


About Us

Who We Are is home to a headstrong team of experts with 10+ years of experience in personal, business and construction loans. Our years of hands-on involvement in the field means we know what it takes to cut through banking policy issues, credit conflict, and affordability problems. By using your existing property as security and collateral, we can organize you a second mortgage for any of your life event purposes.

Why Us? has direct access to over 30 lenders nationwide, and we work hard to think beyond the box on your behalf. We are a “glass half full” kind of team, pushing boundaries and negotiating like pros to help you achieve your goals. With our in-depth understanding of various policies from different lenders, we know what it takes to connect you to the right lender for your second mortgage.

If You:
  • Want pre-approval in minutes…
  • Need a second mortgage for any personal, business or construction needs…
  • Need to get approved quickly, easily, and efficiently…
  • Need flexible terms…
  • Want ZERO red tape…
  • Need anywhere from $10K to $1M in capital…

Then let us help you start the next chapter of your life with confidence! Speak to us today to learn more about how you can tap into the equity of your home to fund your personal, business or construction project. As long as you have equity at your property, we can help you, so call us or fill out the form below to get started TODAY, in minutes.


The Power of the Second Mortgage

We have so many homeowners, property developers, business owners, and builders partner with us to tap into the power of their home loans to get a second mortgage. Otherwise known as a Home Equity Loan, or Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), a second mortgage is thusly named because it follows your first mortgage.

Home Equity Loans solve lots of homeowner pass their financial issues, with loans that are secured by a property lien (legal claim on assets that allows you to access the property even if debts aren’t paid). Second mortgages are short-term loans that provide you with the flexibility of topping up your existing property with a different lender.


Debt Consolidation

Make is all in one, Make life simple again.

  • Save Time and Money
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Competitive Interest rates
  • Any debts can be consolidate
  • Easy application and Fast Settlement

Personal Loans

Any life event matters, anything is possible.

  • Home Renovation
  • Dream Vehicle Purchase
  • Wonderful Travel or Holiday
  • Unforgetable Wedding
  • Emergency Cost
  • Medical Expense
  • Any other life events

Business Loans

We do business loans for almost any purpose.

  • Get working capital or manage your cash flow
  • Purchase stock
  • Buy vehicle(s), machinery, or equipment
  • Purchase a new business or franchise
  • Consolidate business debt or pay off IRD arrears
  • And More

Construction Loans

We do construction loans for almost any purpose, from residential to commercial development and beyond.

  • Renovate your investment property
  • Expand your portfolio
  • Land subdivision
  • Bridging finance
  • Uncompleted constructed works
  • And More

Most second mortgages last anywhere between 3 months and five years, after which you can refinance back with your main lender again once your financial situation has improved.


If you’ve already paid back a portion of your home loan, or your property value has been increased, you could qualify for a second mortgage immediately. Speak to us to learn more about this quick Kiwi loan solution, equipping you with the urgent cash you need to meet any of your life event needs – safely and securely.


Based on your equity, the loan amount will be between $10K - $1M. Over $1M please call us to discuss.
No. Most lenders do not require bank consent to provide you with a second mortgage.
Yes, you can. We can adjust terms to fit your needs, and tailor a repayment figure that suits your budget.
Yes, the second mortgage must be secured by your existing property.
Once we have full documentation from you, you will get an answer within 24-48 hours.
If it’s for business, yes, you can - even if you need to pay off your IRD debt.
Provide it’s for construction purposes, yes.
Yes, you can use second mortgage to solve any of your personal life events.
Yes, you can. This falls under our construction loan.

How can we help you ?

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